Baby girl born in Leiden restaurant

The staff of restaurant Annie's in Leiden had an exciting evening on Monday. A pregnant woman came in asking to use the bathroom, and eventually gave birth in the restaurant. Mother and baby girl are both doing well, RTL Nieuws reports.

"You do not experience this every day", Ilona, a worker at the restaurant, said to the broadcaster. "She came to the terrace and asked for the bathroom. Soon it turned out that she wasn't doing so well. She said she had pain in her back and stomach. She was very pregnant, so we paid a little more attention than in other cases. I went to check on her, she was lying in the back of the restaurant on a couch."

The woman was alone at that stage, her husband wasn't there yet. "She had called him and he was on his way here. At one point he was here, but then he went to get the car to go to the hospital. After that everything went so fast. Another woman with children jumped in and said: 'Call 112, because the contractions are now coming very close together'." The pregnant woman wanted to wait for her husband, but eventually agreed that an ambulance had to be called.  

Shortly after the paramedics arrived, another woman arrived with her family at the restaurant to get something to eat. "She asked what was going on and turned out to be an obstetrician. She was quickly pulled inside and she helped us", Ilona said. "All in all it happened in 45 minutes, so it went very fast. They decided to bring the child into the world on that couch in the back of the restaurant. The father was back in time to experience it."

The brand new parents and their daughter were taken to hospital. Later in the evening the restaurant received a call from the hospital. "Everything is well with mother and child, they are very happy and incredibly grateful for the help. The child is called Chloe, they said. Not Annie no, but maybe as a second name?"