Man critically injured in Rotterdam shooting

Crime scene (Photo: Politie). (Crime scene (Photo: Politie))

A man was seriously injured in a shooting on Willem Ruyslaan in the Rotterdam district of Kralingen on Wednesday morning. The victim was hit by multiple bullets, including in his head. He is in critical condition, NOS reports.

The shooting happened at around 11:00 a.m. The victim was sitting in a car when he was shot at close range. Witnesses reported hearing at least 11 gunshots. A second person sitting on the passenger seat of the car, was unharmed. 

After the shooting, the perpetrator fled on a scooter, which he crashed on 's Gravenweg. He fled further on foot, the police said on twitter. 

The police are looking for the perpetrator. A helicopter was deployed to help in the search. "We're doing absolutely everything we can to arrest the suspect", a spokesperson said to NOS.

People who witnessed the shooting were offered victim support.