Rotterdam to only allow New Year's fireworks in designated zones

New Year's fireworks at the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, 1 Jan 2018
New Year's fireworks at the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, 1 Jan 2018Photo: @HostelROOM / Twitter

Instead of declaring certain areas in the city firework-free over New Year's, Rotterdam wants to designate areas where fireworks can be lit this year. The city plans to have 35 designated firework zones, NOS reports.

According to mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, it will still be possible for many Rotterdam residents to light fireworks in their neighborhoods. "With the introduction of fireworks zones in our city, we hope to significantly reduce the nuisance and the efforts of our emergency services. At the same time Rotterdam residents who want to can still light fireworks", he said.

In order to create firework zones, Rotterdam's General Local Regulation will have to be adapted. The city council still has to approve this measure. 

Last year the Dutch Safety Board advised the government to ban fire crackers and rockets, as these types of fireworks cause the most injuries and damages. But the government concluded that a national ban is not feasible, and left the decision of how to deal with New Year's fireworks up to the municipalities. 

The four big cities - Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague - were disappointed by the government's decision. They fear that implementing strict local rules on fireworks will only mean more fireworks related problems for other places.