Amsterdam to give cut down trees new life

In the next three years Amsterdam will deliver all trees cut down in the city to the Stadshout Foundation, which will process the trees in a sustainable manner and give the wood new life n the city in the form of street furniture or decoration, the municipality announced in a press release.

Amsterdam counts more than a million trees. Every year around 3 thousand trees are cut down, of which about 30 to 50 percent are suitable for sawdust. The other trees were shredded or processed into biomass to be used for green energy at power plants. But from now on, Amsterdam will ensure that the wood is reused for sustainable application.

"Amsterdam aims to achieve 100 percent circular construction by re-using material as high-quality and locally as possible. Giving cut wood a second life through delivery to Stadshout Foundation fits in well with this aim, because in this way the cut wood from trees in our city can be used sustainably. With this circular principle, the municipality of Amsterdam contributes to the future proof and sustainable design of public space in the city", alderman Marieke van Doorninck of sustainability said.