Raft capsizes on Terschelling; seven hospitalized

A KNRM rescue boat (Picture: Twitter/@KNRM)A KNRM rescue boat (Picture: Twitter/@KNRM)

A raft carrying ten people capsized on the waves on Terschelling on Tuesday afternoon. The accident happened at beach pole 8. Seven people had to be hospitalized, a spokesperson for rescue organization KNRM said to RTL Nieuws.

The victims were hypothermic and swallowed some water, the spokesperson said. "The emergency services determined that they could best be taken to the hospital." Three people were immediately taken to hospitals in Sneek and Leeuwarden with a lifeliner. The helicopter later came back for the others. 

The raft, a large rubber boat, came from company MooiWeer, according to the broadcaster. Witnesses who saw the accident from the beach on Terschelling, don't know what happened. "The weather was beautiful, the sea was calm and there were no waves", one said to the broadcaster.