Netherlands home prices up over 9 percent

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Existing owner-occupied homes in the Netherlands were 9.3 percent more expensive in August than in the same month last year, Statistics Netherlands and the Land Registry reported on Friday. The price increase was higher in August than in previous months.

After peaking in August 2008, home prices in the Netherlands fell to a low point in June 2013. Since then home prices have been increasing steadily. In May this year they surpassed the record high of August 2008 for the first time. In August of this year, home prices in the country were at their highest since Statistics Netherlands started keeping a price index in 1995. Compared to the low point in 2013, homes in the Netherlands are now 32 percent more expensive. 

In August a total of 20,892 homes changed ownership in the country, 0.5 percent more than were sold in August 2017. In the first eight months of this year a total of 145,507 homes were sold, a decrease of over 6 percent compared to the same period last year.