Veenendaal festival gets out of hand; 11 arrested

The police arrested 11 people in Veenendaal for disrupting public order. The arrests were made at the end of Lampegietersavond - a regional holiday that signals the start of autumn, NOS reports.

Dozens of young people committed vandalism and poured flammable liquid over bushes during the celebrations. To make sure the bushes aren't set alight, the fire department doused them with water. Dangerous fireworks were also thrown and a number of young people are suspected of drug possession.

Veenendaal and its surroundings celebrate Lampegietersavond every year on the third Monday in September. This used to be the moment when factories started to work under artificial light again and street lights had to be lit, due to shorter daylight hours in autumn and winter.

The festivities include a parade with decorated farmers carts and a lantern parade for the children, who often where costumes for the occassion.