Inspectorate closes Zeeland care facility with immediate effect

An electronic stethoscope
An electronic stethoscope. (Stethoscopes / Wikimedia Commons)

The Health Care Inspectorate closed the Arduin care institution in the Zeeland village of Aagtekerke with immediate effect. The 14 residents must be transferred to other healthcare institutions within seven days, the Inspectorate said, ANP reports.

Arduin offers residential care for people with intellectual disabilities. According to the Inspectorate, the institution's employees are unable to provide the proper care for their clients. The organization is also careless with freedom-restricting measures used on residents.

For example, the Inspectorate found one client in a high security room, with no one keeping an eye on the client. It was also unclear why the client was placed in this room - nothing was recorded in the client file. 

In June a client who was forcibly admitted to the healthcare institution died. The person ran away from the institution and was found dead in Middelburg, according to the news wire.