Netherlands CO2 emissions still on same level as 1990

greenhouse gas emissions Frank J. (Frank John) Aleksandrowicz Wikimedia commons

Last year CO2 emissions in the Netherlands were at the same level as in 1990, Statistics Netherlands reported. Though the emission of other greenhouse gasses - methane, nitrous oxide and F-gasses - halved in that period. The total greenhouse gas emissions were 13 percent lower in 2017 than in 1990.

A total of 163 billion kilograms of CO2 were emitted in the Netherlands last year, about the same as in 1990. Though the stats office points out that the sectors that produce greenhouse gasses have grown considerably since 1990.

Energy companies emitted 22 percent more CO2, but it must be kept in mind that their total production was 54 percent higher. Their emissions therefore did not rise as fast as production. According to Statistics Netherlands, this has to do with power plants now being more economical, and the increase of solar and wind energy. 

Cars and motorcycles emitted less CO2 per kilometer. Their emissions increased by 12 percent compared to 1990, but 42 percent more kilometers were traveled by the total road traffic. The heating of homes and business premises also emitted less CO2 per building.

In absolute numbers the energy sector accounts for the most CO2 production, at 48 billion kilograms. The industrial sector emitted 35 billion kilograms, and traffic 30 billion kilograms.