Journalist proves holes in Defense security by leaving fake bomb at army base

Investigative journalist Alberto Stegeman again managed to get into a Dutch army base, in an effort to test Defense's security. In SBS 6 program Undercover in Nederland, he shows how he snuck into the army base in Oldebroek and left a fake bob in the dining room, Buzze reports.

The discovery of the fake bomb caused massive alarm at the army base last week. Part of the base was evacuated and Defense's explosive disposal department was deployed to investigate. 

With this action, Stegeman wanted to show that Defense's security is not water-tight. Similar actions by him in the past led to Defense taking more security measures.

In 2008 Stegeman infiltrated the Woensdrecht military airfield and got very close to the fighter planes. At the barracks in Havelte, he manged to drive off site with an army vehicle. And in 2016 he strolled into the military base in Oirschot unhindered.