More warm weather on the way

It's hard to tell with Monday starting out gray and dreary, but the summer is not yet over for the Netherlands. Late summer weather, with temperatures above 20 degrees and maybe even as high as 30 degrees, is heading to the Netherlands from Sunday, Weeronline expects.

According to Weeronline's current calculations, there is a 70 percent chance of temperatures above 22 degrees from Sunday, and a 50 percent chance of maximums rising to higher than 25 degrees. The weather will be sunny and largely dry, and this will last for at least three or four days, according to the weather service.

But first some rainy weather. The cloud cover on Monday should give way for some sunshine during the afternoon. Maximums will climb to between 19 and 21 degrees - normal weather for the end of August .

Tuesday will be warmer with maximums ranging between 21 and 24 degrees, though cloud fields will draw across the country and there is little chance of seeing long periods of sunshine. Wednesday will see similar maximums as Tuesday, but with increasing cloud cover and a chance of rain and thunderstorms.