Flight traffic halted at Schiphol

A plane approaches Schiphol Airport
A plane approaches Schiphol AirportPhoto: @Schiphol / Twitter

Flight traffic was completely halted at Schiphol airport due to a disruption on Wednesday. All incoming flights were redirected to other airports. 

Schiphol reported the disruption on Twitter at around 1:30 p.m. Ten minutes later the airport said that departing air traffic was slowly starting up again. 

"At this moment, there is no incoming and outgoing flight traffic at our airport. Air traffic control is investigating this matter. We will keep you updated. Please check your current flight status on our website, our app or check your airline", Schiphol said on Twitter. 

Air traffic control Netherlands LVNL said that the disruption happened in its communication system. "Via that system, the contact between air traffic control and pilots takes place. To ensure safety, we have therefore reduced flight traffic", LVNL said on Twitter. "The traffic that flew into Dutch airspace landed safely via the back-up communication system. No takeoffs or new traffic is accepted." LVNL deployed extra people and they are working hard to solve the problem as quickly as possible. "We are aware of the consequences this has for travelers, airlines and the airport."

According to Eurocontrol, there is a total communication failure in the Amsterdam regional airspace, and no flights are being accepted within the flight information region.