Climate change: Hundreds of plants will disappear from Netherlands

If the Netherlands' average temperature rises by 3 degrees due to global warming, the country will be too hot for nearly 500 plant species, according to research Wageningen University published on Thursday. That is around 40 percent of all plant species in the country, ANP reports.

Plants that will disappear with 3 degree temperature increase include the wild strawberry, the Gentiana cruciata, the Linnaea borealis and the Cornus suecica, according to the researchers.

The Netherlands' average temperature is currently around 10 degrees. According to meteorological institute KNMI's climate scenarios this will increase to between 11 and 14 degrees by 2085. 

While hundreds of plant species will be unable to survive in a hotter Netherlands, a 3 degree increase in temperature also makes the country suitable for around a thousand southern plant species. "Against the disappearance of species is the possible arrival of climate refugees from the south."

This study was published on nature website Nature Today on Thursday.