Schiphol taxis 10th most expensive in Europe

When it comes to price per kilometer, a taxi from Schiphol airport is the 10th most expensive in Europe, according to a survey by Vliegveldinfo and AirMundo of the official taxi fares of the 50 busiest airports in Europe. Schiphol taxis charge 2.65 euros per kilometer. The most expensive airport taxis are in Geneva, at 5.67 euros per kilometer, the Telegraaf reports.

In Zurich, Copenhagen, Nice, Dusseldorf and Brussels airport taxis all charge between 3 and 5 euros. The cheapest are the Turkish, Romanian, Polish, and Russian airports, with customers often paying less than half a euro per kilometer.

Taking a taxi from an airport to the city center costs an average of 40 euros in Europe. Here London comes out as most expensive, due to the relatively long distances to the heart of the city. Passengers can easily pay over 100 euros. Taking a taxi from the airport in the Turkish Antalya to the city center costs around 7 euros. Schiphol has a similar distance, but there the fare is 45 euros.