High concentrations chemicals around Dordrecht plant

At various places around chemical factory Chemours in Dordrecht, the ditch water and collected rain water contain high concentrations of chemical substances PFOA or GenX, according to the interim results of a RIVM investigation into these chemicals in the water of 11 vegetable gardens in the area, NOS reports. 

The RIVM informed the municipalities of Dordrecht, Papedrecht and Sliedrecht of these interim findings, advising them not to use ditch water or collected rain water in vegetable gardens or as drinking water for cattle as a precaution. The soil in the area is suitable for growing vegetable gardens. 

Chemours recently reduced its discharge of GenX containing water by 85 percent. GenX replaced PFOA several years ago. The chemical is used, among other things, in the production of non-stick cookware. 

Elevated concentrations of these chemicals were found in two ditches in Papendrecht, a ditch in Sliedrecht and a rainwater collection spot in Sliedrecht. There are no cattle farms at these locations.

The final results of this study are expected in September. 

Last year scientists warned that vegetable gardens in the immediate vicinity of Chemcours are not safe. According to them, the amounts of GenX on plant leaves are so high in the area, that eating fruit and vegetables grown there can be dangerous to your health.


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