Cyber attacks by states Netherlands' "biggest digital threat": counter-terrorism boss

Cyber attacks by malicious countries are the biggest digital threat to the Netherlands' national security, according to the National Coordinator for Counter-terrorism and Security's (NCTV) annual report on digital security. Such countries want to spy, influence public opinion, disrupt society or even sabotage vital systems, the NCTV warns, RTL Nieuws reports.

According to the NCTV, nowadays there are few conflicts between countries in which digital weapons are not used. The hyper modern cyber techniques countries have at their disposal through their abundance of money, knowledge and people, often end up with criminals. Which makes it increasingly difficult to identify who is behind an attack, the NCTV said. 

Simple cyber weapons are also still a threat, the NCTV warned. A basic DDoS attack can often be very effective, because companies and organizations do not have their cyber security in order. The NCTV again stressed the importance of 'basic hygiene', like updating digital security on a regular basis. Some previous digital attacks could easily have been prevented by installing updates.