Fisherman rescued from North Sea hour after going overboard

Dutch coast guard helicopter
Dutch coast guard helicopter. (Photo: @Kustwacht_nl / Twitter)

A 21-year-old fisherman was rescued fro te North Sea over an hour after he went overboard during the early hours of Tuesday morning. He was severely hypothermic, but still alive, RTL Nieuws reports.

The fishing boat the man works on sounded the alarm around 2:00 a.m., when it was noticed that he was no longer on board. The coast guard deployed two helicopters, and rescue brigade KNRM deployed boats from Terschelling and Den Helder to help in the search. Other boats in the area were also notified about the missing fisherman.

More than an hour later, the man was found by the crew of another fishing cutter. He was hypothermic, but still conscious. The fisherman was taken to a hospital in Den Helder by helicopter.