Final attempt to identify unknown WWII victims

The grave of an unidentified Dutch WWII victim in Loenen
The grave of an unidentified Dutch WWII victim in Loenen. (Photo: P.J.L Laurens / Wikimedia Commons)

The Dutch Armed Forces' repatriation and identification service is making a final attempt to identify 103 unknown Dutch victims of the Second World War. As the group of immediate surviving relatives is getting smaller and smaller, time is running out to put a name to these still anonymous victims, the Ministry of Defense said, NOS reports.

In the coming months the identification service will open the 103 graves in the National Field of Honor in Loenen for further investigation. The Ministry calls possible surviving relatives of people missing since the war to give a DNA sample. The samples will be used to do a DNA kinship investigation.

The identification service is especially looking to make contact with people whose missing relatives were sent to work or prison in Germany.