Bad weather causes busiest evening rush hour of 2018 so far

Tuesday evening saw the busiest evening rush hour in the Netherlands so far this year. At its peak, there were 955 kilometers of traffic jams on Dutch roads, according to traffic association ANWB.

The traffic jams were mainly caused by bad weather in the south and east of the country, a spokesperson for Dutch public works department Rijkswaterstaat said to ANP. "In addition, almost everyone had off on Monday, making it extra busy on Tuesday", the spokesperson said. 

According to Rijkswaterstaat, at the peak of rush hour, there were 389 kilometers of traffic jams on Dutch highways, making Tuesday the fifth busiest rush hour of this year when only looking at highways.

The ANWB takes all Dutch roads into account when measuring rush hour traffic. With 955 kilos of traffic jams, Tuesday evening had the busiest rush hour of this year, according to the ANWB.