Call to support jihadists spread among Amsterdam young people

A number of young people in Amsterdam received a photo of a note that is believed to come from Dutch jihadists in Syria. The note calls on the Amsterdam young people to pray for the jihadists. The photo also shows a Kalashnikov and a hand grenade. 

In the note the writers ask their 'brothers' in Amsterdam Oost to remember them in their prayers, their 'du'aa'. It reads: "Our Salam from Idlib. To the brothers of Amsterdam Oost. Do not forget us in your du'aa".

At least two young people sent this photo to Amsterdam broadcaster AT5. One young person who received the letter through messaging app Telegram said to the broadcaster: "I received it through a good friend who is seriously worried about this photo, because on the street the young people think its a great photo, because from Syria the al-Qaeda fighters salute the boys of Oost." 

The Amsterdam Radicalization hotline also received a report of the photo. It is being investigated, a spokesperson said to RTL Nieuws.