Dutch man killed in fall from balcony in Bangkok

Bangkok at night, view from State Tower
Bangkok at night, view from State TowerPhoto: Alter / Wikimedia Commons

A 21-year-old Dutch tourist died in a fall from a balcony in Bangkok, Thailand, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to the Telegraaf on Monday morning.

According to the Thai police, the Dutch man went home with a transsexual person after a night out. He fell from a fifth floor balcony. The man was found on the street with multiple head wounds and broken bones. The police believe he first landed on a car, because the car next to his body had a big dent in the roof, according to the Telegraaf.

The 37-year-old transsexual person told the police that the Dutch man went out onto the balcony when she went to the bathroom. She added that he was drunk. The two had met each other in a bar the night before the Dutch man's fatal accident.

The police found no sings that the couple had a fight, according to the newspaper. The investigation is still ongoing.