King's Day cloudy and cool, with light rain in the afternoon

King's Day 2016 expected to be wet and cold (Photo: @AmsterdamNL/Twitter) orange umbrellasOrange umbrellas (Photo: @AmsterdamNL/Twitter)

While King's Day will not be sunny and warm, the weather won't be too bad either. Cloudy and cool with light rain in some places during the afternoon is what Buienradar expects.

"The day start's nice", Maarten Stam of Buienradar said to RTL Nieuws. "It will stay dry until the afternoon with an orange sun every now and then. But from noon onwards it will start raining lightly from the southwest." 

The Royal family will be spending the day in Groningen. A good choice, according to Stam. Groningen will stay mostly dry.

Afternoon temperatures will be around 12 degrees on the Wadden, 15 in the interior and 17 in the southeast - pretty normal for the end of April. 

So while today will not be the hottest - Queen's day in 1993 was a whopping 26.9 degrees - it is also not the worst. Last year King's Day started with frost on the ground.