Man suspected of dismembering yoga instructor sent to psych institution

A 41-year-old man suspected of murdering and dismembering his partner, yoga instructor Julia Leda, in Scheveningen, must go to the Pieter Baan Center for psychiatric examination, the court ruled during the first hearing in this case on Wednesday, ANP reports.

It was also revealed in court that the man, Andrei K. from Russia, wanted to commit suicide when the police showed up at his house on January 11th.

Two days earlier K. reported his partner missing. The police immediately went to have a look in their home, with K.'s permission, and noticed that the bathroom was was very clean. On January 11th, the police went to search the home. They found 30-year-old Julia's body in a box on the balcony. She had been sawn into pieces. An autopsy revealed that the Russian woman died from asphyxiation. 

The Public Prosecutor believes that the man could not accept that Julia wanted to leave him.