Temps up to 28ºC expected in Netherlands this week

The Netherlands can look forward to a sunny and warm period starting from Tuesday. Temperatures will climb above 25 degrees from Wednesday, reaching as high as 28 degrees in some places on Thursday, Weeronline expects.

"A high-pressure area will build up above our area tomorrow and as a result we get a sunny day. On Wednesday the core of the high-pressure area will move towards the east of Germany and a warm south-eastern current will start", the weather service writes. A UV index of 5 or 6 is expected. That means that the average Dutch person will get a sunburn within 20 minutes of being outside, so sunscreen is very advisable.

Afternoon temperatures on Wednesday will range from around 20 degrees on the Wadden to around 24 degrees in the Randstad and up to 27 degrees in the South. Thursday will be even warmer with temperatures ranging between 21 and 28 degrees. Friday will also feel like summer, with maximums of 25 to 27 degrees expected in the south.

This week will be much warmer than is normal for the Netherlands this time of year. The usual midday temperatures for mid-April are between 10 and 14 degrees.