Fmr. intelligence workers fear for their lives after soldier's revelations

Dutch soldier in a training exercise (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gertrud Zach)Dutch soldier in a training exercise (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gertrud Zach)

Two former employees of Dutch military intelligence service MIVD fear for their lives after decorated soldier Marco Kroon revealed details about a secret operation in Afghanistan to the media, they said to Nieuwsuur.

The two former intelligence workers, who are of Afghan origin but have been living in the Netherlands for years, asked to remain anonymous, according to Nieuwsuur. They are preparing a lawsuit against the Ministry of Defense, with which they hope to force the Ministry to help them build a new life elsewhere in Europe.

"Marco Kroon made a very big mistake. I was seen with him in Kabul. That is why me and my family are now at risk, even in the Netherlands", one of the former MIVD employees said to NOS. In his own words, he kept contact with sources at al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The other former employee worked with spies as an interpreter. Other sources confirmed to Nieuwsuur that the two men did important intelligence work, including gathering information about roadside bombs and ambushes for the Dutch troops in Afghanistan.

Kroon decided to talk about the secret mission in Afghanistan in 2007 after Defense launched an investigation into his actions in the mission. He killed a man who previously tortured him, he said to the media. According to him, he had no choice but to kill the man. 

According to the former MIVD workers, the Ministry should have sworn Kroon to silence. "Because they did not stop Kroon, they put my life at risk", one said to Nieuwsuur.

Defense will make contact with the former employees' lawyers over the "draft summons", the Ministry said in a reaction. The Ministry would say nothing further. "Defense never makes any public statements about intelligence operations."