Police apologize for horse poop in front of Utrecht store

Dutch police
A sign hanging in front of a Dutch police post. April 30, 2006Photo: M.M.Minderhoud via Michiel1972Wikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA

A shop owner in Utrecht was disgusted to find a pile of horse poop in front of his perfume shop on Wednesday. On Twitter he called on the police to come clean it up. The community police officer apologized in an amusing tweet.

"Since police horses are the only horses that come into the city center... Can the Utrecht police stop by to clean up their shit?" annoyed shop owner Sjoerd de Boer said on Twitter.

A community officer responded: "Unfortunately potty training did not go well with the horses. We will be extra alert during the next training." He followed up with another tweet: "And obviously I'll contact the municipality to see if we can have it cleaned up."


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