Amsterdam implements stricter rules for Red Light District tour guides

Red Light District (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/LeDeuxAlpe)Red Light District (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/LeDeuxAlpe)

The city of Amsterdam implemented stricter rules on guided tours through the Red Light District on April 1st. These rules are intended to reduce crowds in the busy area, and to help protect sex workers'  privacy.

From now on all tour guides giving tours to five or more people must have a permit. This permit costs 111,40 euros and is valid until January 1st, 2020, regardless of when it was issued, according to AT5. Tour groups are now also limited to no more than 20 people. 

Tour guides must ensure that the people in their tour don't stop in front of stores or other places where they'll block the flow of foot traffic, don't take photos of sex workers, and stand with their backs to brothels when listening to the tour guide. All tours must also be over by no later than 11:00 p.m. 

The municipality announced that extra enforcers will be deployed to make sure all tours through the Red Light District keep to the new rules. Guides who fail to do so will be fined.