Some sun, some rain expected for Easter weekend

Easter eggs (Photo: aussiegall / Wikimedia Commons). (Easter eggs (Photo: aussiegall / Wikimedia Commons))

The Netherlands will have fair weather for a large part of Easter weekend, Weeronline expects. There is a good chance of sunshine every day of the long weekend, but also a chance of showers. 

After a wet Wednesday, the weather will clear up for Easter weekend, the weather service reports. Friday morning is expected to be mostly sunny, with some showers in the afternoon. Maximum temperatures will range between 8 degrees on the Wadden and 13 degrees in the south. 

Saturday's afternoon temperatures will be around 10 degrees. "Fairly normal for the end of March", according to Weeronline. There will be some sunshine, but also a chance of showers the entire day.

Sunday will be a mix of clouds and sun. There may be a shower or two here and there, but most of the Netherlands should remain dry. Afternoon temperatures will range between 9 and 12 degrees. A east to southeasterly wind may cause smoke from Easter fires in the eastern parts of the Netherlands and Germany to blow through the rest of the country.

From Monday temperatures will rise, but so will the chance of rain. Afternoon temperatures on Monday are expected to be around 16 degrees, with a 70 percent chance of rain.