Police prevent Amsterdam murder convict's escape

The police and Public Prosecutor prevented a convicted murderer from escaping while traveling to or from the court in Amsterdam, the police said in a statement.

According to the police, the criminal involved is 35-year-old Surailie I., who is serving a 15 year long prison sentence for murdering Souhai Laachir in the Scheepvaartmuseum during the Waterfront Festival in May 2013. 

Both the Public Prosecutor and I. filed an an appeal against the sentence imposed on I. A pro-forma hearing in the appeal trial is scheduled for Tuesday. I. indicated that he wanted to attend the hearing, even though the trial hasn't actually started yet.

The police received "concrete information" that someone would try to free I. during his transport to or from the Amsterdam court. The police immediately launched an investigation to find out who was behind this plan. During the investigation, several mobile phones were found thrown over the wall of the prison I. is detained in. The police believe they were intended for I. 

"In consultation with the Public Prosecutor, measures were taken to prevent a possible liberation action. Eventually Surailie chose not to attend the hearing", the police said.