Voting passes handed out twice in Nijmegen

An Amsterdam ballot for the municipal elections, 21 March 2018
An Amsterdam ballot for the municipal elections, 21 March 2018. (Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times)

Due to delivery problems, many voters in Nijmegen received two voting passes and could therefore vote twice, Omroep Gelderland reports.

Around 400 voting passes were sent twice because there were problems with the delivery. The broadcaster decided to check whether people could vote with both received passes. Two people were sent to vote twice, and in both cases they could. 

According to Omroep Gelderland, their testers did not actually vote twice, because that would be illegal. The broadcaster only checked whether the polling stations would allow it.

"The system is good", municipal spokesperson Jack Broeksteeg said to the broadcaster. "And the check has to be excellent, but these cases slipped through. This should obviously not happen." According to Broeksteeg, al polling station chairpersons were again told to check carefully after the Omroep Gelderland report. 

Whether anyone actually voted twice, is not clear.