Internal conflict chaos at Geldrop primary schools; majority of teachers call in sick

Around 95 percent of teachers at Geldrop primary schools De Regenboog, Beneden Beekloop, and De Gazenbloem are not at work on Monday, the teachers announced in a press release. They called in sick on Sunday night due to a long-ongoing conflict within foundation 't Nut, which covers these three primary schools. Parents of pupils of De Gazenbloem were told not to bring their kids to school on Monday, Omroep Brabant and NOS report.

According to the teachers' press release, 870 children can not go to school today. Interim director of the 't Nut's supervisory board Mieke van den Broek told NOS that kids can still come to school. The schools' after-school care will care for them and they will receive lessons as far as possible. According to the interim director, around "half of the teachers" called in sick on Monday. 

On Sunday afternoon the teachers issued an ultimatum to the foundation's supervisory board. They demand that the supervisory board resigns and that the recent appointment of interim director Mieke van den Broek be reversed. 

According to the teachers, the advisory board ignored the ultimatum. Instead the teachers received a letter in which they were "further pressured to come to work". On Sunday evening two interim school directors were also informed that the are no longer welcome at the schools. "Under these interim directors there was a cautious recovery of trust" Noor Geraads of the schools' participation council said to Omroep Brabant. "Now they are removed from one moment to the next."

In the press release the teachers say that they are "furious and bewildered" about the state of affairs. The teachers stress that the interim school directors "became the mainstay and support of the teachers in recent months". 

"In the culture of anxiety that prevailed within the schools, the school directors brought peace and a sense of security", two teachers, who want to remain anonymous "out of fear of reprisals", said to Omroep Brabant. 

Sytske Klarenbeek, speaking on behalf of the teachers of the three schools, expects "chaos" at the schools on Monday. Noor Geraads added that the teachers are doing this "with pain in the heart". "But they're standing with their backs against the wall."