Snowy, cold weekend expected for Netherlands

Snowfall in Amsterdam Oost, 28 Feb 2018
Snowfall in Amsterdam Oost, 28 Feb 2018Photo: NL Times

Despite the fact that the first peewit egg was found on Wednesday, spring is not quite here yet. The Netherlands is in for an icy cold weekend, with even some snow expected, according to Weeronline.

Friday will be cold and cloudy. Rain showers will turn into snow, starting in the northeast of the country late afternoon. Overnight the middle and south of the country may also see some snow. Maximum temperatures will range from 2 degrees in the north to 11 degrees in Zeeland. Overnight temperatures will drop to around -3 degrees across the country, but a moderate to strong northeast wind will bring ambient temperatures down to between -8 and -14 degrees. 

Saturday afternoon will alternate between sunny periods and clouds. There is a chance of light snow in the Wadden area. The south of the country will be mostly cloudy, and may also see some snow. Elsewhere in the country will remain dry. Maximum temperatures will hover around freezing nationwide. "This makes it much colder than normal. Temperatures of 9 to 11 degrees are common at this time of year! Because of the (fairly) strong northeast wind, ambient temperatures become -9 or -10 degrees", Weeronline writes.

Minimum temperatures will also drop below zero on Saturday night and Sunday night, ranging from -4 degrees in the west to -9 degrees in the east. After the weekend, temperatures will gradually start rising again. Late next week afternoon temperatures around 10 degrees are expected.