Dutch tourists returning to Turkey, Egypt after terrorism scares

Dutch tourists are again vacationing in countries like Turkey and Egypt after avoiding these countries due to terrorist attacks, AD reports based on figures from travel agencies sector organization ANVR.

Visits to Turkey from the Netherlands dropped to nearly zero following an attempted coup and several terrorist attacks. But in January the number of bookings to the country rose by 90 percent.

Egypt and Greece are also becoming popular with Dutch holidaymakers again. At Corendon, the number of flights to those destinations doubled. TUI also notes increased popularity. The bookings to Tunisia are also increasing steadily. 

According to Academy for Tourism, the fact that the Dutch are returning to these countries on a large scale has to do with travelers' 'short memory' and low prices. 

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs still advises travelers to be very careful when visiting Egypt and Tunisia. The travel advice also warns against visiting certain parts of Egypt, and a large part of the country is only recommended for absolutely necessary trips. The Ministry's advice for Tunisia is for the most part not to go there.