ING clients switch to Triodos, ASN after CEO's massive pay raise

Many ING customers are furious about CEO Ralph Hamers' salary increase from 2 million to 3 million euros per year and are switching to sustainable banks like Triodos and ASN, the Parool reports.

An ASN spokesperson told the newspaper that the bank saw five times more new customers between Thursday and this weekend than usual, as well as a tenfold increase in the number of applications for accounts. "If people indicated online why they're switching, it usually involved the hassle at ING."

Triodos bank saw double the number of new applications on Thursday and Friday. The weekend's figures have not yet been processed.

ING did not notice any major shifts late last week, though the switching service takes a few business days so the effects will only be noticeable this week, according to Parool. A spokesperson did say to the newspaper that ING's customer service department received more phone calls, mostly from customers who do not understand or appreciate Hamers' salary increase. 

The salary increase also caused a commotion among politicians. GroenLinks submitted an urgent legislative amendment that will make salary increases for bank directors subject to approval from the Minister of Finance.