Amsterdam wastewater contains most ecstasy in Europe

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The wastewater in Amsterdam contains the highest concentration of ecstasy residues in Europe, and Eindhoven is in second place, according to a waste water analysis by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

The EMCDDA tested wastewater in 56 European cities in 19 countries for drug residues. The organization has been conducting this type of research on a regular basis since 2011. Seven measurements have been taken since then, the last one in 2017

The latest analysis shows that Amsterdam is not only high on the list when it comes to ecstasy residues, but also for cocaine. Amsterdam came in 7th place. Cocaine residues in wastewater were highest in Western and Southern European cities, especially in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, according to the researchers. Most Eastern European cities had very low to negligible cocaine residues in their waste water. 

Eindhoven's wastewater contains the most amphetamine residues in Europe. Amsterdam came in 10th place. 

The Trimbos Institute agrees that there has been a clear increase in ecstasy residues in Amsterdam and Eindhoven's wastewater since 2011. But this data is difficult to interpret, the institute said according to ANP. For example, the analyzes for amphetamine and ecstasy generally do not distinguish between discharges and human consumption. 

The study shows that Eindhoven scores high on ecstasy and amphetamine residues. But as Eindhoven is located in an area where these drugs are commonly produced, the high outcomes may be explained by drug waste being dumped, according to Trimbos.


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