Naked 'killer clown' terrorizing kids in Gelderland village

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Several children in the Gelderland village of Kootwijkerbroek were confronted by a killer clown, who is sometimes naked, over the past days. A number of schools in the neighborhood warned parents not to let their children walk to school or home alone, according to Omroep Gelderland.

The police are aware of the clown, a spokesperson told Barneveldse Krant. "We are taking it seriously and will therefore also investigate it", the spokesperson said on Monday. "I can not yet say what the state of affairs is at the moment."

One mother posted on Facebook about her son being confronted by the clown at their home on Dwarsgraafweg on Sunday afternoon. "Our son was harassed in our garden by a horror clown", she writes. "He cycled on a woman's bike that he threw in the ditch and then, naked, he performed weird acts on himself in the garden." According to the mother, the clown had blue hair and a bloody face.

The Rehoboth school is one of at least two schools in Kootwijkerbroek that warned parents about the clown, the school's director confirmed to Omroep Gelderland. He received multiple reports about the clown. "He dresses up in different ways and is sometimes naked. That is very bad for children, you don't wat that", the director said. "We warned pupils: if you see something suspicious or strange, don't hang about, keep walking, and stay alert together."

Killer clowns - people dressed up as scary clowns terrifying people - are mainly an American phenomenon that spread to the Netherlands for a short time in October 2016.