Doctor, notary suspected in Mother-in-Law’s murder

The_Stethoscope,_Peru Alex Proimos Wikimedia commons

A doctor in Maastricht is suspected of murdering his German mother-in-law in a nursing Martha Flora in 2016. The police are also investigating a notary in this case, who is suspected of inaccuracies in the drafting of official documents, including the victim's will, De Limburger reports.

The doctor worked at the nursing home at the time of his 76-year-old mother-in-law's death on July 29th, 2016. Several sources told investigators that the doctor had staff give her too high doses of medicines that did not come from the nursing home's pharmacy in the week before and the night of her death, according to the newspaper. All members of the nursing home's staff were questioned by the police as witnesses, Martha Flora's management confirmed to the newspaper.

Sources also told De Limburger that shortly before the woman's death, the doctor was sent reminders that he had to pay her rent of 7,200 euros per month. If he did not pay, the elderly woman would have to find somewhere else to live. The account of 53 thousand euros is still outstanding, according to the nursing home management. 

The notary was questioned last week about "alleged inaccuracies" in documents he drafted and the victim signed, the notary's lawyer Eugene Rosier confirmed to the newspaper. The notary's office was also searched. The documents, which included a will, stated that the 76-year-old woman understood the Dutch language. But according to Martha Flora staff, the German woman only spoke German and French. A notary is obliged to check whether a client understands the documents her or she is signing. 

Lawyer Rosier confirmed that the deceased woman was the person who signed the involved documents in the notary's presence. "The suspicion is only about inaccuracies in the drafting of the deeds", he stressed. "As far as the client knows, he is not a suspect with regards to the alleged murder. The only connection with that case is that two and a half years later it appears the woman may not have died naturally."

The notary is not in custody. He was released after questioning.