Motorcycle gang No Surrender's top leader arrested

The police arrested one of the top leaders of outlaw motorcycle gang No Surrender in his home in Hulst on Wednesday. The 41-year-old man is suspected of leading a criminal organization, the police said in a statement.

In addition to the arrest, the police also searched three addresses - the suspect's home, his company, and a bar where No Surrender club nights are held. Investigators hope to find supporting evidence and to gather information about criminal activities "in an organized context".

The man in question is Rico R., according to He is one of No Surrender's three so-called 'world captains'. 

In December Henk Kuipers, another national leader of No Surrender, on suspicion of aggravated assault, extortion, threats, theft with violence and forgery. He is still in custody. The police now added the charge of leading a criminal organization. 

These arrests form part of an ongoing investigation into criminal activities within No Surrender. "The government pays special attention to criminal motorcycle clubs and their members because of various incidents and criminal activities in the country", the police said. "The investigation not only focuses on individuals, but on a structural approach to criminal motorcycle clubs."

More arrests may follow. 

No Surrender is not the only outlaw motorcycle gang the Dutch authorities are targeting in this way. A Dutch court recently