Dutch Olympic skaters net one gold, two silver medals in 30 minutes

Kjeld Nijhuis, March 2013

Dutch skaters won three medals within 30 minutes at the Winter Olympics in South Korea on Tuesday. Yara van Kerkhof won silver in the women's 500 meters. And Kjeld Nuis and Patrick Roest won gold and silver in the men's 1,500 meters, NOS reports.

Van Kerkhof's silver was quite a surprise - she had a rough start but benefited from a fall by British Elise Christie and the disqualification of Korean Choi Min-jeong, according to the broadcaster. After Christie's fall, Van Kerkhof crossed the line in third place - behind Italian Arianna Fontana and Choi. But after the jury looked at the race's footage, Chio was disqualified for interference and Van Kerkhof got second place. Bronze went to Kim Boutin from Canada.

Nuis won gold in the men's 1,500 meters with a time of 1:44:01. Silver went to Nuis' teammate Roest, with a time of 1:44:86. Korean Kim Min-seok came in third. He is the first Asian to get on the Olympic podium on the 1,500 meters, according to NOS.