Amsterdam housing fraud on the rise; over 900 cases last year


Housing fraud is on the rise in Amsterdam, according to the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations. Last year the housing associations found 911 cases of housing fraud in the Dutch capital, reports.

Most cases involved illegal subletting, but there were also a few homes in which cannabis plantations or even illegal brothels were found. The people in the 911 involved homes were evicted.

The associations are pleased that these social housing rentals are now again available to people who really need them. The 911 homes account for 10 percent of the associations' new rentals. But they are concerned about the increasing fraud. Which is why the association specialized teams to detect housing fraud and return the housing to the available supply.

"Fraudsters seem to know better and better how they can stay under the radar", Sonja Vink, fraud specialist at housing association Ymere, said. "We are therefore constantly working to increase our expertise. We do everything we can to tackle fraud and ensure that homes become available to those who need them."