Police raid Enschede shop for illegal television receivers

police. (Photo: Politie)

On Wednesday morning the police raided a shop in Enschede after investigation revealed that the store was selling TV receivers with software installed that gives users access to complete Ziggo television packages at a significantly lower price. This practice is generally called Card-sharing and is punishable according to the Dutch Penal code and the Dutch Copyright Act, the police said in a statement.

People who bought these devices were given access to complete Ziggo packages at a much lower rate than Ziggo charges, for a certain period of time, generally a year. Once this subscription expired, it could be renewed with the shop at the same low rate.

The police seized the software used, various computers and digital and physical administration from the store. Information that was stored on various servers abroad, was also frozen, according to the police.

No arrests were made, but te police will invite several people to come and explain their role in this case in the coming period.

Owning such an illegal receiver is also illegal for private individuals. The Public Prosecutor instituted a grace period during which people can hand in illegal receivers at the police stations in Almelo, Hengelo, Nijverdal and Oldenzaal. This period ends on March 1st of this year. Those who fail to hand in their devices, risk criminal prosecution.