Schiphol construction invoices fraud under investigation

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport in 2006photo: Shirley de Jong / Wikimedia

The Tax Authority's investigation service FIOD is investigating fraud with construction invoices at Schiphol airport. Several employees and former employees of the airport and external companies working for Schiphol are suspected of involvement, NRC reports.

The Public Prosecution Service confirmed to the newspaper that an investigation was launched into "passive and active bribery" and involvement in forgery. Ten to 15 people are being questioned as suspects and witnesses, NRC writes based on anonymous sources.

A whistleblower told NRC about large-scale fraud at the airport in August last year. He reported administrative fraud by an employee of an external maintenance company, a subcontractor, and several managers at Schiphol's project and property department Schiphol Real Estate. According to the newspaper, managers of Schiphol Real Estate asked the suspects for "gifts" ranging from refurbishments and air conditioning to expensive dinners. 

Several people were dismissed following NRC's report in August. Schiphol filed a police declaration, but denied that there was systematic fraud at the airport.

How long this investigation will take is not yet clear. A spokesperson for FIOD told NOS that the investigation is in full swing. 


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