Record warm temps expected this week

Cold morning in Amsterdam, 5 Dec 2016
Cold morning in Amsterdam, 5 Dec 2016. (Zachary Newmark / NL Times)

Despite an icy start, the Netherlands can expect exceptionally mild temperatures this week. There is even a solid chance that the heat record from 1960 can be broken on Wednesday, meteorologist Brian Verhoeven of Buienradar said to RTL Nieuws.

Monday started out frosty in many places, and the rest of the day will hold some showers and maybe even light snowfall in the northeast. But the snow won't last long, according to Verhoeven.

"As of Tuesday, relatively warm air will be drawn into the country, through which the temperatures will rise to double digits. On Wednesday it can even be 12 to 13 degrees", the meteorologist said. 

With that there is a good chance that the heat record for January 24th in De Bilt will be broken. The current record, dating from 1960, stands at 12.1 degrees Celsius. "If the prognosis remains as it is now, that record can be broken", Verhoeven said. "In Maastricht, the record has stood at 13.4 degrees since 24 January 1937. There is a chance that this record will be broken, but it's not certain."

Warmer temperatures do not automatically mean sunny weather, however. The warm air heating up the Netherlands is both mild, and moist. Which means clouds are expected for the rest of the week.