Dutch gov't divided over letting jihadists' kids return to NL

The question of whether or not to bring the children of Dutch rebel fighters in the Syrian civil war back to the Netherlands, has the government parties divided. Doing so was proposed by the D66 and ChristenUnie, but the VVD is vehemently against it. What fourth government party, the CDA, thinks about this, is not yet clear, NOS reports.

"Before you know it, the parents will come too", VVD parliamentarian Barbara Visser said on Twitter. "The VVD chooses for the safety and freedom of the children in the Netherlands!"

An estimated 80 Dutch children are currently in Syria and Iraq. They were taken there by parents going to join ISIS or another terrorist organization in the Syrian civil war, or born while their parents were there, according to the broadcaster. 

ChristenUnie parliamentarian Joel Voordewind thinks that these small and vulnerable children must be protected. "If their lives are in danger or their circumstances are very distressing, they should be brought to the Netherlands as a last option", he said. He also wants to find out how many Dutch children are actually in Syria and Iraq, how many of them are living in refugee camps, and whether they are receiving proper care there. 

According to NOS, grandparents of Dutch children in the conflict zones previously asked for help in getting the children back to the Netherlands. But the Dutch government's stance is that foreign rebel fighters in the Syrian civil war will not be helped in their return.