Powernap pop-up opens at Amsterdam Centraal train station

Recharge Room at Amsterdam Centraal
Recharge Room at Amsterdam Centraal. (Photo: Auping)

Weary travelers can now recharge with a power nap at Amsterdam Centraal. Auping opened a special Recharge Room at the station where tired travelers and passersby can take a quick break and power nap, to refresh them for the rest of their day.

Visitors are shown to a compartment, closed off with curtains for privacy, which is equipped with a bed, pillow, blanket and alarm. There you can take a 20 minute power nap - the perfect time for a nap, according to Auping, because it is long enough to rest out well, but not so long that you fall into a deep sleep. 

Taking a quick nap holds major advantages for both young and old, according to the company. Power naps are good for your memory, improves alertness, efficiency and creativity, and lowers stress levels. 

"Amsterdam Centraal is the perfect place for a Recharge Room. A resting place at the station is ideal for people who have to wait for their train, have a long journey behind them, or passersby who just want to recharge for the rest of the day", Ine Stultjens, Brand & Communications manager at Auping, said. "Rest is very important for a beautiful day and a nice trip. From our conviction that a well rested world is a better world, we offer travelers and passersby the opportunity to rest and recharge for what's coming."

The Recharge Room has four sleeping compartments and will be at Amsterdam Centraal until February 14th.