Sex work recruiters targeting physically, mentally disabled: MPs

Amsterdam's Red Light District
Amsterdam's Red Light District. (Rungbachduong / Wikimedia Commons)

The SP and PvdA raised concerns about a website targeting young people with mental and physical disabilities to recruit them for sex work. "The site recruits vulnerable young people for sex work. That is crazy", SP parliamentarian Jasper van Dijk said, according to RTL Nieuws. The parties want the government to ban this site.

The website,, is specifically aimed at young people receiving a so-called Wajong benefit - a benefit for young people who can't work due to disability or illness. Young people can sign up on the site to earn some extra income with webcam sex. "Did you know that with a Wajong benefit you can earn up to 200 euros a month? Perhaps we offer you an opportunity to work with Wajong", the site states.

The two left-wing parties asked parliamentary questions about the site and demand that the responsible State Secretary, Tamara van Ark of Social Affairs and Employment, takes action. "The bad thing is that the site focuses on vulnerable young people. The government has the task of protecting these vulnerable young people", PvdA parliamentarian Gijs van Dijk said, according to the broadcaster. SP MP Jasper van Dijk added: "That such a thing is allowed is highly reprehensible."

The parties will ask Van Ark to investigate what possibilities the government has to put a stop to this site. 

The State Secretary said that a vulnerable group like young people with occupational disabilities "should not be exposed to these socially controversial activities", but adds that no complaints were filed against the site. Her predecessor, Jetta Klijnsma, previously sent the site manager a letter asking him to delete the site, but to no avail.