Kidnapped German baby found in Netherlands at aunt’s home

A 10 month old baby that was kidnapped in Germany two weeks ago, was found safe and healthy in her aunt's home in Herwijnen in the Netherlands on Monday. The 39-year-old father of the child, named Yasmina, picked her up from her mother in Germany late in December, and never brought her back. The 18-year-old mother reported her missing on December 31st, AD reports.

According to the German police, both of the baby's parents are asylum seekers who came to Germany separately. They started a relationship in Germany and broke up after the birth of Yasmina. Over a hundred German police officers were involved in the investigation into Yasmina's kidnapping.

They found clues leading to the Netherlands, and the Dutch police were called in. The child was found in her aunt's home by community officers Erwin van Dalen and Linda Wilbrink, according to AD. The De Waarden police team got a report about the missing child from the National Police on Monday, officer Van Dalen said to the newspaper. "My colleague and I were instructed to go to the house. This was of course preceded by consultation", he said. "Once in the house everything went smoothly. We transferred the baby to Youth Care on the spot, which then made sure that the girl is taken care of."

It is not clear whether Yasmina's aunt knew that she had been kidnapped. The baby's father was arrested in Herwijnen, according to NOS. AD reports that he went back to Germany and told the mother that they had to get back together if she wanted to see Yasmina again. 


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