Storm watch 2018 continues with windy, rainy Tuesday expected

Pedestrians brave cold, wet weather in Amsterdam Centraal, 15 Jan 2018
Pedestrians brave cold, wet weather in Amsterdam Centraal, 15 Jan 2018Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

This week promises to be windy, rainy and stormy, according to weather service Weeronline. With strong winds starting on Monday afternoon, wind and rain expected for Tuesday, and maybe some snow expected for Wednesday, the stormy weather will climax with a big storm on Thursday.

There's an about 80 percent chance that there will be a storm somewhere along the Dutch coast on Monday afternoon, according to Weeronline. A rainy area will cross the country during the afternoon, which could cause extra traffic during evening rush hour. 

During Monday night and Tuesday morning, numerous showers will fall across the country, possibly accompanied by thunder, hail or even snow. A strong west wind will blow, picking up in strength during Tuesday. 

Some places in the Netherlands may see snow during the early hours of Wednesday morning, especially high areas like the Utrecht Heuvelrug, Veluwe and the Limburg hills. The snow will not last very long. With maximum temperatures around 6 degrees expected for Wednesday, the snow cover will melt away quickly. 

On Thursday an active storm depression will hit the Netherlands. The exact course of the storm is not entirely clear yet, but at this stage it seems the storm will move along the coast with gusts of wind between 100 and 120 kilometers per hour. In the Wadden Sea the winds may pick up to 130 kilometers per hour. Should this be the case, Thursday will see the second severe storm in the Netherlands for this year. The first happened on January 3rd. 

Weeronline considers a storm severe if the average wind speed in one place in the Netherlands is 130 kilometers per hour for an hour long. On average the Netherlands sees a severe storm once every 18 months, mostly in the winter months of December, January and February.