More snow possible on Friday

Tire tracks in melting snow
Tire tracks in melting snowDries Arnolds,

Snow lovers in the Netherlands are in for a pleasant surprise tomorrow. Snow is expected for Friday, starting in the southwest of the country around mid-morning, Weeronline reports.

Today will be partly cloudy with some showers, and maybe some wet snow. Afternoon temperatures will range from 2 degrees in the east to 5 degrees along the coast. Though Weeronline warns that the ambient temperatures across the country will feel just below freezing.

"Those who leave the house tonight can make good use of a winter coat", the weather service writes. The clouds will clear up and it will cool down considerably. At sea minimum temperatures will remain just above zero, but further inland they will trop to between freezing and -2 degrees. 

Friday will start out mostly sunny, but clouds will soon cover the sky. By mid morning it will start to snow from the southwest. The snow may cover the ground for a while, but the snowfall is expected to turn into rain during the course of the day. Maximum temperatures will range from 4 degrees along the coast to 2 degrees inland.