Wilders announces new PVV leader in Rotterdam

Maurice Meeuwissen and Geert Wilders
Maurice Meeuwissen and Geert Wilders. (Photo: @geertwilderspvv / Twitter)

The PVV in Rotterdam found a new faction leader for the municipal election in March. Maurice Meeuwissen will lead Geert Wilders' anti-Islam party in the city, Wilders announced on Twitter. 

Last week Wilders, but he was after it was revealed that he made racist statements in the past and expressed support for Holocaust denier David Irving.

Meeuwissen lived in various Rotterdam neighborhoods, is an IT expert with broad work experience and an education background, the PVV said in a press release, RTL Nieuws reports. "With Maurice, we have a rock as a party leader." Wilders said. "He is very passionate about returning Rotterdam to the Rotterdamers. I have a lot of confidence in him."

Meeuwissen is proud to be allowed to lead the way in Rotterdam, he said, according to the broadcaster. "Islamic ideology must be pushed back, women and homosexuals must always be safe on the streets, the asylum center in Beverwaard and the Essalam mosque must be closed immediately", according to the new faction leader.